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Highlights of the 2023 Sale



Many books on collectibles: glass, ceramics, dolls, buttons, vintage jewelry, clothing, Bakelite, Fiesta ware, cigar labels, and much more. Useful for identification and pricing.

- American painting and painters

- Monographs on individual artists / worldwide

- Israel Sack books on American furniture

- Asian art and antiques

- Antique quilts, lace, embroidery, even vintage kitchen towels!

- Artist biographies

- Reference guides on identifying and pricing antiques.

- Steuben and Lalique glass

NOTE: An enormous library of books on clocks, watches, and sundials — originally in ART/ANTIQUES — has been relocated to the STEM tables.

“how-to” books on drawing, painting, sculpture etc. are in the HOBBIES/CRAFTS category.


large selction of classical music cds this year


Biography has been subdivided into several sub-categories: Pre- and Post-1900 Biographies of single individuals, Composite biographies, Memoirs, Royalty (from many nations), and Holocaust. With so much attention to the British royal family following the death of Queen Elizabeth, you may be interested to read more about all of them (including a copy of Spare by Prince Harry). There is a larger than usual collection of biographies about Holocaust victims and survivors. Memoirs is the biggest category this year with tales of adventure and misadventure from all walks of life and all parts of the world. We have too many books to display at one time but the tables will be restocked each day, so please come back to shop for more during the week.


Good Housekeeping Cookery Book 1925, French Cooking for American Kitchens 1929, Cooking on a Ration 1943, Boston Cooking School Cookbook-Fanny Farmer 1943, Danish Cookery 1950, I Hate to Cook Book 1960, The French Chef Cookbook 1968, Larousse Gastronomique 1961, Excoffier Cook Book 1969, Chez Panisse Pasta 1984, Cuisine Minceur-Michel Guerards 1976

Collection of Cooks Illustrated Annuals 1993-2003 with index from 1993-1998

Mythology & Folklore

Enter the magical world of myth and folklore with timeless tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes from ancient civilizations. Classic works by Campbell, Bullfinch, and Hamilton. Extensive collection of folktales from around the world in very good condition, plus a few surprises.


1. “Theological Dictionary of the New Testament.” (Complete in 10 vols.) Very good condition.

Wm. B.Erdman, 1981 printing.

Price: $150.00

2. “Ante-Nicene Fathers.” (Complete in 10 vols.) Very good condition

T&T Clark, Edinburgh

Wm. B. Erdmans, 1980

Price: $200.00

3. “Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers.” First Series (Complete in 14 vols.) Very good condition.

T&T Clark, Edinburgh

Wm. B. Erdmans, 1989

Price: $200.00

4. “Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers.” Second Series (Complete in 14 vols.) Very good condition.

T&T Clark, Edinburgh

Wm. B. Erdmans, 1989

Price: $200.00


The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary makes its appearance once again, complete with magnifying glass. Vintage and newer dictionaries, thesauri, and did you know that in the early 19th century, archaeologists borrowed the Latin word thesaurus to denote an ancient treasury. That is true of the reference section this year! Also an unusually large number of atlases in all sizes.


Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles! And lovely old tomes, delightful small books, fine and very fine art and a variety of creative and curious papers and prints. A full complement of children’s small books and many interesting pop-up books to tickle your fancy.. Plus hundreds of bookmarks and postcards to choose from!

This year’s featured category is race and racism.

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