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Highlights of the 2019 Sale

Place Holders
In response to concerns about boxes and other "place holders" being left unattended outside the school before the Sale, the Lebanon SAU Facilities Director has agreed that customers may be allowed to leave unattended boxes as place holders at the Main Entrance. Pedestrian safety in the walkway remains a major concern. Therefore, customers wanting to leave place holders are asked to line up their boxes behind the barriers prior to the Sale opening. Please review and respect the posted instructions.

Follow the signs to some of the highlights listed below, and enjoy the treasure hunt for the rest:

Five Colleges Book Sale Highlights of the 2019 Sale

***Gift Books:

400+ hardback books in pristine condition covering the arts, new fiction, science-technology, and topical non-fiction subjects. Outstanding highlights include “William Bouguereau” (2 vol. including all known paintings), “Saul Steinberg Illuminations”, Norwich’s “Maps of Africa”, “Wine Grapes: Complete Guide”, and “The Enchantedd World of Rankin/Bass – A Portfolio”; fiction by authors Owens, Hannah, Ondaatjie, Paterson, See, Finn, Connelley, Allende and Quindlen; non-fiction by Westover, Yuval Noah Harari, Jahren, McCain, Meltzer, Goodwin, Pipher, Warren, Seward and Winchester; plus a treasure table of “Under $5 Books”.


Architecture has benefited from donations of collectors including vintage Frank Lloyd Wright books from the 40's and 50's. Be sure to take a look at the many architecture books offered this year.

***Hardcover Fiction:

You'll find your favorite authors here. We've also noted an increasing number of Climate Fiction
titles, or “Cli-Fi” for short. These novels feature courage, adventure and (yes) romance in the
face of ecologically-induced disasters.

***Paperback Fiction:

Peruse portable versions of your current favorites and mysteries. Also, look over our offering of
many western novels and romance novels from the 1950s through the 1960s that are in good condition.

***Retro Reads:

This year's Retro Reads features a collection of Zane Grey's western fiction in good condition.

***Featured Tables:

This year, one of the Five Colleges Book Sale benefactors presented us with a special gift: 69 books from the Folio Society of London ( We have other exceptional sets of collectible books on hand as well, including a complete set of the Brandes edition of Shakespeare's plays. Look for these in Senior Square.


We have a wide variety of editions of old favorites in both hardcover and paperback as well as handsomely illustrated special editions of classic authors such as Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, and Virginia Wolfe.

***Science and Technology:

This year's Sci/Tech category includes many astronomy and cosmology titles, including
several large-format books featuring spectacular photos of planets in our solar system
and stellar objects.

You can choose from among a plethora of modestly-priced science and technology trade editions and unread copies of Stephen Hawking's works, and our introductory books on quantum physics will help you decide whether or not Schrodinger's Cat needs a litter box.

***U.S. and World History:

On the history tables, look for our nice collection of about two dozen hard and softcover volumes covering the French Revolution. We're also offering a wide range of American history-related books.

***Farming and Homesteading:

Topics featured this year include many books on “putting food by”-- preserving and canning various foods, and “sugaring” (making maple syrup). Other books helpful for country living include wood-lot maintenance, waste management (care and feeding of septic systems) and getting-wasted management (cultivating cannabis).

***Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror:

NEW - The Sci-Fi section has moved to its own classroom along the main hallway. These books are no longer in the cafeteria.

This year we have a bountiful assortment of paperbacks, and more hardcover titles than ever. There is a Large collection of Star Wars Novels (in paperback and hardcover). Another large collection of the series 'Destroyer' in paperback. In the First Edtions & Specials section you can check out the Astounding Magazines from the 1940s, the Star Trek Puzzle Manual - in UnPuzzed condition!, Star Trek Board Games, and a book on How To Invent Everything for the Stranded Time Traveler.... This years First editions include books by George RR Martin, Ray Bradbury, JJ Abrams, Kim Stanley Robinson, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and several by Tolkien.

Gaylord Newcity will be offering Gaming-related books and accessories at the Sci Fi tables, so be sure to stop by and get your game on.


Think small! Think clever! Here you'll find exotic postcards, tiny books and puzzles, bookmarks, antique calendars and other items that don't fit neatly into any one category. Jigsaw puzzles are back, but no, we haven't verified that all pieces are present in all puzzles.

***Holiday-related books:

See “Hobbies” for decorating ideas.

***Manga and Anime: here you'll find the “Ultimate Spiderman Collection” in a limited edition, plus issues one through 75 of “Bleach”, plus many reprints of other superheroes' adventures.

***Military History:

Look for the large-format “U.S. Army Atlas of World War II” which features annotated maps of many major battles.

For an historical overview, “Maps Of War” by Boynton-Williams offers a collection of maps dating from the 1500s.

Since 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the Allies' D-Day invasion of Normandy, we've assembled a collection of memorabilia and books to commemorate the occasion. The collection's crown jewel is a stylized lithograph created in 1949 by R. Louis which shows military movements during the battle for Normandy following D-Day. The map measures 23 inches high by 25.8 inches wide and is nicely framed.

This map is offered for sealed bids on Saturday only, and a minimum bid of $300 applies.


Where would you like to go? Stop here and find guidebooks for your favorite future hikes in the U.S. and abroad. Or, relive historic adventures of mountaineers and polar explorers. (See also the selection of atlases offered in the Reference section.)

***Law and Legal Topics

Many of the books on the suggested reading list for Maynard Goldman's current OSHER course on the Supreme Court are available under the sign for Law Books in the gym.

***Childrens' Books:

This year features an extensive assortment of science fiction and fantasy novels for young readers (or their parents). Harry Potter's adventures haven't yet lost their magic, and dragons seem popular this year, too. Look for collectible older books illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Arthur Rackham, and N.C. Wyeth. Modern contemporary illustrators include Maurice Sendak and Eric Sloane.


Where can you find “Galileo's Daughter”? Not in a Pisa parlor, but she's hanging out in our collection of interesting biographies spanning the tenth century to the present day. Also look here for Holocaust memoirs and bios of Russian and English royalty.


Where there's a Will, there's a play. The Bard's works are well represented by several complete
sets, including a Riverdale complete works set that's in good condition. You can also find individual copies of plays and sonnets.

***Spirituality and Religion:

Browse a smorgasbord of religious ideas and faiths ranging from the Old Religion to Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. There are two presentation-quality of King James version Bibles available,
one illustrated by Rembrandt (see below) and a second featuring an ornate cover design.

***Food and Cooking:

This has been a spectacularly generous year for cookbook donations, many of which are new and thus suitable for gifts. Famous chefs and authors include Ottolenghi (famous for his Middle Eastern–inspired recipes featuring single-pot dishes made from ten ingredients and cooked in 30 minutes), and Michael Roux' French-inspired recipes. And never, ever forget Julia Child.

Don't overlook the wide selection of “comfort food” cookbooks-- it's amazing how simple home-style
stews and casseroles can brighten your day. For inspiration, review our vintage cookbooks (some dating from the 1920s).

Last but not least, cookbooks published by local favorite King Arthur Flour deserve a space on your shelf (file under “D” for “desserts”).

***Reference Works

There are times when the Internet goes down and you need to settle a Scrabble ™ dispute. Nothing fends off fisticuffs like a shelf of dictionaries and specialized glossaries. If you're planning a trip to
somewhere in Fantasyland, you'll want our sole copy of the illustrated “Dictionary Of Imaginary Places” which offers maps and scenery from Atlantis to Xanadu and points in between.


This year's collection includes many photo compilations and an assortment of reference material related to vintage Leica cameras.


For next year's Hot Stove League, stock up on baseball titles. If you're glumly marooned in the AL cellar along with this year's Red Sox, relive the glory of one of their World Series victories. Or say
“to heck with it” and go golfing or fishing after stocking up on good reading material for summer fun.


Chortle your way through New Yorker cartoon collections, Calvin & Hobbes, Far Side, and Doonesbury collections.


Native Americana, Lewis and Clark, histories of the Old West.


Here's a sampling of what you'll find in the “rolls, flies and swims” category:

Henry's Fabulous Model “A”, published by Floyd Cramer, Los Angeles, CA , 1959. 113 pp.,
magazine-style softcover binding in very good-plus (VG+) condition (clean wraps, binding intact.)

Antique Ford Repaint Manual 1928-1936, published by Ditzler Color Division, Pittsburg Plate Glass Co., 1962, 24 pp. Softcover. Wraps intact. Lightly soiled Good-plus (G+) interior pp. Clean and unmarked. Includes color chips and painting advice.
Studebaker-Packard Automotive Parts Catalog, published by Newman & Altman Inc., South Bend IN, 1976. 58 pp., softcover binding in VG (VG) condition, interior clean and unmarked. Includes original order form.
A generous donor gifted the Sale with several boxes of maritime and nautical books which are awaiting sorting but should be ready for the sale.


Browse our extensive collection of knitting and quilting books. Get the point?


This year, we're offering many science-related books for home educators, plus an extensive collection of books for elementary teachers and substitute teachers. We also have an assortment of up-to-date SAT guides and manuals for college-bound students, and a number of books exploring the philosophy of education.

***Music Books:

This year's collection features many biographies of musicians and singers (classical and modern), with an emphasis on jazz performers.

***Audio Visual:

Although videotape is no longer in fashion, CDs and DVDs are very much in demand, and you're certain to find your favorites here-- and modestly priced to boot. Thus, you can take a chance on some artists you're unfamiliar with. This year we have more DVDs and CDs than usual. Lots of TV show sets and Rock music and a little bit of Bollywood.

***Social Sciences:

Explore the history of racial relations and conflicts from antiquity to modern times.
For lighter reading, peruse the collection of true crime books and learn who got away with whatever-- and who didn't.

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